YachtWorld.com Announces BoatWizard 2 to Member Brokers

October 10, 1997

For More Information:
Jessica Muffett, Publisher, YachtWorld

Dear Yacht Broker and New Boat Manufacturer Members,

The next time you enter BoatWizard´┐Ż to add or edit your listings, you'll notice that we have added many new features. You asked us to provide a multiple listing service on the Internet as an extension of your public display ads on YachtWorld. You also asked us for a way to control and manage your own listings. With your guidance, suggestions and information, we have accomplished just that with BoatWizard 2. Thank you.

Thus, in addition to the photo listings you display to the public, you can now also display full boat specs to other broker members who have a password. This makes it easier to co-broker boats on YachtWorld.

We have given you a "permissions list" where you select the brokers you want to work with. To start, BoatWizard 2 assumes you want to share your listings with all brokers on YachtWorld, but you can easily deny access to any broker with the click of a button.

If you have permission from the listing broker, you can print full specs for any listing, with your logo and contact info appearing on the print out.

The NEW Members' Search Engine, found only in BoatWizard 2 with your password, gives you even more information and search capabilities. For example, you can type in a broker's name and pull up all listings for that broker. Plus, when you view a search results list, the listing broker's name is displayed.

Inside BoatWizard 2 you will find great advice, and instructions on topics such as using a digital camera or scanner to upload your photos, choosing an Internet Service Provider, picking a Web browser and more.

The next time you use BoatWizard to edit or add a new boat in the existing paragraph form, have a look at the "permissions list, then add the full specs on a few of your listings.

Please call Bob Summers at 800-909-8244 ext 318 if you need a walk through or want to give us your comments, or you can send e-mail to Bob at webmaster@yachtworld.com.

Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to helping you build your business with BoatWizard 2.