1990 Fjellstrand Catamaran Passenger Fast Ferry

EUR  1,183,264
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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Singolo / diesel
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Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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US$ 1,250,000 (EUR  1,183,264) 

282 passengers

Please call for update information and special 2 boat package deal!!!

Presently this boat is being gone through to prepare for High Speed Class Surveys.

Extremely Fast and Efficient.

Considered one of the most desirable people movers (282 passengers).

Priced to sell.


  • Length 41 meters (134.5 feet)
  • Beam 10 meters (32.8 feet)
  • Draft 1.6 meters (5.25 feet)
  • Gross 478 Tons
  • Net 152 Tons
  • 2 x DEUTZ WMW TDB 16V Diesel engines w 2 x KaMeWa Waterjets see mshs.com/pdf/620.pdf for more engine details
  • CONDITION SURVEY  August 15, 2013
  • The vessel does not present any considerable damage or defect. 
    The vessel, its equipment and engines have been found to be in excellent condition for her 
    age and service intended and particulars follow in the report.
  • HULL 
    The vessel was inspected while afloat. The hull above the water line was dark blue in color 
    and found in overall excellent condition. There were no visible damages or indents above the 
    water line.
    The exterior decks were found to be in excellent condition. The vessel has an extensive array 
    of over forty (40) large windows in the two passenger salons and bridge areas, which were inspected, and no signs of leakage were noted. The three decks are connected by wide 
    stairways for the convenience of passengers. The vessel has seating for all passengers and 
    carries a maximum of 282 passengers. Passenger areas have teak decks.
    The condition of the accommodations throughout the entire vessel and all other internal 
    spaces are well maintained, well lit and in excellent condition. The vessel does not carry 
    berthing or dining accommodations for the passengers, but crew accommodations seem 
    adequate. There are five (5) public heads aboard for the convenience of passengers as well 
    as a hospital aboard for illness or injuries.
    All navigational and engine room control is centralized on the bridge. The bridge area is 
    similar to that of an aircraft in that all instrumentation is located on the bridge, and the 
    helmsman and officer of the watch sit in front of the computer array of instruments to steer the vessel and handle all engine controls. The enclosed bridge has excellent visibility with large wrap around windows for 180 degree viewing.
  • MAIN ENGINES, PROPULSION SYSTEM, ELECTRICAL SYSTEM & BILGE PUMPS The vessel has two (2) MWM TBD 620 V16 diesel engines which drive two (2) 
    Rolls Royce waterjet propulsion systems. The vessel carries 13,000 liters of diesel fuel in 
    steel tanks. Also installed aboard are two (2) Iveco 200 KW electric generators to supply the vessel´s electrical needs. The port and starboard engines reportedly have 3,200 and 3,000 
    hours of operation respectively.
  • The steering is accomplished with a hydraulic system.
  • The vessel has fourteen (14) electric bilge pumps installed in all bilge and tank areas. There 
    are two (2) ELTEK power inverters installed for charging batteries. The vessel has an air 
    conditioning system that encompasses all enclosed passenger and crew spaces. The vessel 
    has one standard fire pump and one emergency fire pump.
    Ground tackle equipment consists of 27 meters of 10 mm galvanized chain and one (1) 300 
    kg Danforth anchor, with substantial lengths of mooring lines. All were inspected and found in 
    good condition. The vessel an electric windlass to haul up the anchor and chain
    The vessel was fitted with an adequate amount of navigation and communication equipment. 
    All the equipment was reportedly in good working condition. 
    At the time of the survey, the following electronic navigational equipment was found onboard: •
    One (1) A1 HF transceiver •
    Two (2) ENTEL portable VHF transceivers •
    One (1) Jotron VHF transceiver •
    One (1) Robertson AP9MK3 autopilot •
    One (1) Decca Marine radar •
    One (1) Simrad GPS •
    One (1) R4 AIS •
    One (1) Furuno Navtex •
    One (1) Area one GMDSS
    At the time of the survey, the following were accounted for on-board: •
    Three hundred(310) adult life jackets (passenger jackets beneath seats) •
    Six (6) ABC fire extinguishers throughout the vessel, all current •
    Two (2) automatic Halon Fire Suppression Systems in the engine room spaces •
    Ten (2) twenty –five passenger life rafts, current •
    One (1) six (6) persons DSB dingy with a 40 HP Yamaha outboard engine. •
    Two (2) life rings with lights & whistles •
    Three (3) Life rings with lights •
    Two (2) Jotron EPIRBS inspected and valid until 2015 •
    Fifteen (15) hand flares, all current •
    Six (6) smoke flares •
    Two (2) dye canisters
    The vessel, as seen as the time of survey, August 2013, was considered to be in excellent condition. She 
    was found both structurally and mechanically in sound condition.

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Sei interessato a questa barca? Toll-free: 888-345-1531
Telefono: (561) 723-2000

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