1990 PORSCHE Kineo 27 Classic

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Heusden, Netherlands
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Heusden, Netherlands
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Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat – unique and rare collectors item


This Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat is a rare collectors items. The powerboat was designed in the late 80’s and was supposed to go into serial production in 1993. Only 3 Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboats were built as prototypes. Designed back in 1987 by Porsche Design at Zell am See the boat has already become a myth. This prototype was built by ThyssenKrupp in 1990 and it has been re-launched on European waters in May 2014 and being the only Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat still around.



What makes this powerboat so special? It’s unique in several ways, but most important, this Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat is the only one still around and it has been carefully restored to its original state. It took 2 years for full restoration and all parts are original, nothing has been replaced by alternative items, making this the only original Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat left in the world.


The story of the Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat started with the Austrian entrepreneur Horst Stross who initiated the project together with F. A. Porsche Design in the late 80's. His aim was to build a unique offshore racer and therefore engaged powerboat specialist Fabio Buzzi and the submarine specialists of ThyssenKrupp Nordseewerke (the builders of the famous present German submarines) for the realization of this project.


After initial tests with original Porsche 928 engines back in 1989, the engineers decided to install two powerful MerCruiser performance engines with 7.4 liter volume each to bring the boat to a top speed of 69 nautical miles. Only the best materials from the submarine industry, such as Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Airex were used, as well as high-end (VDO) instruments, fittings and materials.


During the entire design and construction phase engineers from Porsche Design made sure the high quality and design standards were met. Truly you can say the high standards and sophistication used in the submarine industry can be found back in the Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat.


What’s the reason for not taking the Porsche Kineo into serial production? To cut a long story short, serial production would have been too expensive. Porsche Design spent over $ 4 million in developing this prototype and after thorough calculations, the price for a serial produced Porsche Kineo would add up to roughly DM 750.000,- in 1993. This is equivalent to about $ 1.3 million in 2015! After introduction on the prominent Boot ’93 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany and advertising a price of DM 621.000,-, Porsche Design did not receive a single order for production and therefore the whole project was stopped.


Now that the restoration has successfully been finalized, this unique and exclusive Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat is up for sale. The Porsche Kineo has been thoroughly tested during its shake down cruise at the end of May 2014. Its perfect condition and restoration results paid off and has already attracted people from the boating industry who where amazed by the qualitative restoration and performance of the Porsche Kineo.


Individually they’ve expressed their unbiased opinion; this is truly a masterpiece, one of its kind and a rare collectors items. According to experts from the boating industry, this is a unique item of which they never expected to see it back in action and gave warm congratulations on the excellent condition and works done on the Kineo. Different media covered the story of bringing the Kineo back to life.


For sure the new owner can be proud he will own the only Porsche Kineo 27’ Powerboat left in the whole world. Needles to say the Porsche Kineo will be sold complete with full options, special designed trailer, protective cover and all authentic belongings, such as:


            •  Original pictures from 1993

            •  Original photo negatives from pictures 1993 

            •  Original slides from 1993

            •  Original press releases in different languages 1993

            •  Original pictures manufacturer from 1989

            •  Original sales brochures (2 pieces) from 1993

            •  Original magazine publications



Built                          : 1990 (design 1987)

Shape                       : Glider, fast planing

Steering                   : Double Heck Drive

Length                     : 28.5 foot = 8,69 meter

Beam                        : 8,0 foot = 2,45 meter

Draft                         : 36 inches = 0,91 meter

Weight                     : 6.173 pounds = 2.800 kilograms

Engines                    : Twin Mercruiser MAG 454 7,4 liter V8

Power                       : Twin 270 Kw = 724 horsepower total

Drivers                     : Mercruiser Bravo One with power trim

Fuel                           : Gasoline unleaded 145 gallon = 550 liter

Speed                       : 69 nautical miles = 128 kilometers per hour


Manufacturing      : ThyssenKrupp Germany

Design                      : F.A. Porsche

Hull material          : Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Airex

Instruments                       : VDO professional



Detailed information can be found on the special website myporschekineo.com





We can not guarantee the correctness of given information or be liable for any inaccuracy or warrant the condition of yachts










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