1996 Bavaria 44

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The Bavaria 44 is built for today. Luxurious down to the smallest detail. Elegant in appearance - without compromise. Conceived by the best designers, she belongs to a completely new generation of yachts, with specifications which until now were reserved for the most expensive and most exclusive yachts only. The fine tuning of all components of hull and rig make the 44 technologically perfect and beautiful in design. An interior warmth and coziness correspond with the perfect function of the pantry and the navigation center. Good atmosphere combines with the optimum safety of the crew on board. Bavaria's demands on designers were the combination of sport-style and comfort. The spacious interior layout and the woodwork, made to a high level of craftsmanship are proof of the yard's high experience, and guarantees a value that lasts for many years. The construction at crucial points is beyond the regulations by Lloyds. This increases safety at sea, increases the stability of value and makes living on board more comfortable. Sandwich laminate technology such as that used in the aircraft industry and on ice-breaking boats is used in the above-water hull and in the deck. The sandwich layer is of water-repellent closed-cell foam to increase the dent-resistance of the shell. Its low heat conductivity prevents condensation and makes the interior climate more pleasant. Kevlar fabric, the material of which bullet-proof jackets are made, is worked into the forebody below the waterline to protect against collision. The doubled laminate thickness of the keel flange triples the safety factor in case of impact. The floor timber is reinforced by stiff S-glass layers. The laminate is watertight and prevents osmosis.
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