1996 Bertram MOPPIE

EUR  42,598
Marco Island, FL
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Doppio / diesel
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Marco Island, FL
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US$ 45,000 (EUR  42,598) 

TAKIN TIME 30' Moppie is in excellent condition and powered by twin Cummins 315HP 6BTA main motors, Entek 4.5Kw Generator, and features Furuno & NorthStar Electronics, CruiseAir A/C RUPP outriggers, 4-person life raft and much more.

Designed to appeal both the cruiser and angler, this 30 Moppie is a good looking inboard express with a sleek profile to go with her rugged construction. Deep Vee bottom (18.5-degree transom deadrise), the 30"MOPPIE" is one of the finest performing boats in her size/class ever produced, incorporating Deep Vee performance, speed, a much drier ride. Twin Cummins 6BTA Diesels she She is rigged to fish for the serious angler.



1. Repair the port (red) navigation lamp. Repair and prove the mid bilge pump automatic operation, certify the fixed fire systems. Re pack the life raft. Repair and prove the neutral lock out switches. Install CO and smoke detectors.

2. Core: Soft core and elevated moisture readings were observed at both stern quarters from sheers to chines starting 3 from the stern. Soft core also observed at the port side haunch between the door and stern corner. Elevated moisture observed across the transom, under the fuel tank vent and less so but elevated on the weather decks. A small area of softened core was observed at the stbd fwd. weather deck adjoining the #1 stanchion. Internal inspection where permissible showed several fasteners seeping moisture. Retain a qualified FRP service provider
to inspect, estimate and repair the issues as found.

3. Propeller(s) show(s) indications of impact damage and/or imbalance. Recondition the props. Propellers were not removed for splines/taper inspection. Replace the shaft seal hose clamps. Excessive rotational effort port side, bearings look OK, the port strut may be bent. Port shaft seal leaking underway, stbd showing some run-out bot not excessive. NOTE* The installation of the line cutters required the use of a 1/2" spacer in the couplings. This has moved the props so close to the rudders that the props may not come off. The line cutters have been removed. Remove the spacers ands dress the coupling faces before attempting alignments. Dress the seal faces and adjust per spec.

4. The de-watering boxes have failed on the aft vents. Replace and secure.

5. The fuel fill hose is showing cracks at the turn off the tank edge. Nott holed but is recommended for replacement at earliest opportunity.

6. The steering high pressure hoses at the auto pilot pump (stbd aft) show serious corrosion to the compression fittings. Recommend replacement prior to failure. The stock logs should be stripped, cleaned and re packed. Safety wire the grub screws in the upper collars. Pressurize the system to 40 psi and check for leaks.

7. **Replace the AC sea valve due to heavy corrosion. The scoop screws failed at sea trials. replace the associated hose clamps, replace the pump screws on the AC pump, strip strainer and inspect for catstrophioc corrosion. Rampant galvanic corrosion at work. Strip the generator sea strainer and inspect, brass hose fitting in use and failing. Please inspect the other wetted valves and strainers carefully for advanced galvanic corrosion. Repair as found using bronze fittings only. Free and exercise the port engine sea valve. Conduct a corrosion survey in salt
water with a silver chloride half cell upon completion.

8. Fuel fill hoses and clamps are deteriorated. Inspect and replace as needed.

9. The pilot holds course but does not take command from the plotter and a bad line on the LCD. The Nothstar charting software is 11 years out of date and does not cover this area, the RDP131 seems to work ok but is not reading the chart software. The synchronizer is not disengaging the slave throttle. Retain a qualified tech to
inspect and correct / prove the navionics systems. The compass is with a few degrees recommend a deviation card.

10. Repair the signal horn

11. The trolling valves are frozen at the gears, cable seem OK. Free, exercise test and prove.

12. Secure the hatch lift switches back in place, reverse the switch throw to make it more intuitive: up for up.

13. The generator fuel supply has no filter or shut off valve. Recommend installing both.

14. Clean the return of air filter on the air condition. Fouled.

15. Recommend replacing all of the exhaust hose clamps port engine on the engine side of the bulkhead.

16. Suggest soft mounting the potable water pump on split hose sections to reduce vibration, please secure the plumbing manifold back to the port hull side mid.

17. The hull antifouling paint and all wetted anodes are due for replacement at this time.
18. Flood lights inop.

19. Replace the short hose from the sea valve to the strainer, port engine.





Marco Island, FL

CHRIS STAHL @ 305-927-1757 OR EMAIL chris@marcoyachtsales.com


Please contact Chris Stahl at 305-927-1757

Sei interessato a questa barca? Telefono: 772-463-3131

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