2005 Island Runner Center Console Island Runner

EUR  64,845
Pompano Beach, FL
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Island Runner bathroom

Doppio / Benzina
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Pompano Beach, FL
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US$ 75,590 (EUR  64,845) 

31' Island Runner 1998 Center Console with 2005 275' hp Verados, 29 JL Speakers ALL JL Amps "Fast & Loud". 

New Speakers Aug 2017
New Trim Tilt Motors Aug 2017
New Under gunnel lights Aug 2017
New Stereo Head Unit Aug 2017
Hull Wax Aug 2017
New Speaker Wire Aug 2017


This styling 1998 island runner will bring you back into the 1990's when life was great and kids still played outside instead of staring into their iPhones.

Built with pure cold molded fiberglass she's as strong as the US navy being shipped over to win World War One. What's cold molded and vacuumed sealed you ask - man o man did your mother know how to bake a cake, this wood and fiberglass combo with vacuumed sealed plastic to protect it for generations to come is as common as your first hot dog at a professional Major League Baseball game.

You ask about the ride - let me tell you this beauty is smoother than warm butter being poured over your brand new $20 movie theater popcorn on a first date, the boat should have been called reddenbocker.

The stereo you ask - have you ever been to a live concert? The island runner has more jams than your doctor dre and M&M combined, the stereo is louder than a F16 taking off from Justin Biebers bedroom after getting laid for the first time with Selena Gomez. There is more bass on the boat than little Kim has dreamt about.

But does it sound good with all those speakers? Hell ya, put your phone down, throw away the VHF and call long distance via turning the ON button, the CEO of Bose sound system will think he's dreaming of the next best thing. Harmon Karman acoustics will think they heard Jesus.

I don't like 2005 4 stroke Verados you say. Well let me tell you first hand these engines have been maintained better than neuro sergeant on the presidents heart. They have had car blanch replaced to ensure her heart beat is as strong as Mohammad Ali at age 21. The engines drink only Rec 90 with no ethanol gas, which is comparable to Dom Perignon during your wedding night. You ask about the color of the engines, they are whiter than your grandfathers all white wig and look better than Kim Kardashian before her divorce.

What does it have for gauges, she doesn't have any, this ride is so futuristic she comes with a smart craft monitoring system that slaps everything you wanted to know about speed, temp, oil, fuel, and bad ass Rpms into one sexy little screen. She's so smart you'll even get a nice little note telling you if you have a fraction of a molecule of water in your fuel filters.

How does the steering work, the steering is as smooth as a Gillette razor can get your face before sending you to the hospital.

What does she have for electronics you question. This beauty has a 10" garmin Nav screen ready to show you the fish before they even know they've been born. Her gps is more accurate than a tesla self driving its self In a Straight line.

Storage ? Have you heard of the mommy
Mobile - oh yeah she has more storage than your mini van with 10 kids on a family vacation and may I say it, shes more organized than your wife's dream closet that no one can afford.

Is there anything else that's cool
About the boat. You had to ask, didn't you. Talk about a first date home run, take this bad boy out at night and with the flick of the wrist and 2 switches later, not only will your girls smile be the brightest you've ever seen due to her under gunnel led blue lights that make you feel like your In a wet dream,. The fish will Start asking for your phone number with those 4 stunning blue underwater lights that magically transform the water into a wonderland.

If you aren't impressed by now, you must be so sticker shocked that this boat is under $100K and you couldn't find anything comparable to her looks for the low price of $69K.

Folk she's ready to go like a pure thorough bred that's waiting to win the triple crown. You'll get more compliments than if you were dating Jessica Alba. You'll have more fun than your first roller coaster ride. There will be more sun in your life than a tanning salon, you'll literally be able to call crest toothpaste to tell them you'll accept their $1M commercial offer. You'll catch more fish than the fish market.

I hate to see her go, but life goes on and this beauty is ready for her new kid at a candy shop smiling owner.

Complete 100 hour oil change and engine Service on engines and much more May, 2016.

Boat Year 1998
Verado 275 HP Engines Year 2005 With Smart Craft Computer 

The boat has a bathroom and sink and can hold 17 people comfortably. 

Yacht Tender Tow ready with tow brackets. 
4 New Underwater lights - Blue 
New JL Speakers
2 New Amps
New Fuel Pumps (Entire assembly High and Low Pressure pumps and Fuel Floats)
New Fuel Lines
New Fuel Filters
New Spark Plugs
New Steering
New Throttle Sensors
New Exhaust Manifold
New Lifter Fuel Valves
Full T-Top Cover
Bathroom and Sink

2 x 100 Gallon Fuel Tanks
1 Water Tank
Under Gunnel Lights
Under T Top Light
Flood Lights 
Garmin Nav Screen
Smart Craft Computer 


The core is cell foam is vacuum bagged into place with adhesive putty and overlaid with knitted fiberglass.

Jupiter, intrepid, contender, mako, everglades, yellowfin, statement, midnight express, sea vee

Alex - 305.509.4021 - Alex@myyachtsales.com

Chris Jones



Please contact Chris Jones at 561-212-6175

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