2000 Passport Royal Passport 41

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With the introduction of the Royal Passport 41 we are able to offer our clients the same uncompromising quality and performance as the larger Royal Passport models, in a size and price range that appeals to the serious cruising couple. Recognizing that designing and building a yacht to surpass its predecessor, the popular Passport 40, would not be an easy task, we began by improving upon those assets which set the Passports apart. Starting with the best use of interior volume, superior joinery, durable construction and ease of handling, we then designed her to be a lighter and faster yacht with more sail area and a longer waterline for better performance. The hull form of the 41 features a generous beam at the waterline for stability. The short overhang bow is subtly flared to keep the boat dry in waves. The beam is carried well forward for good reaching speeds, so essential in offshore yachts. We specified only the best materials in her construction, from the resins and glass to the plumbing and wiring. Then we outfitted her with well-known and durable equipment and gear. Lastly, we made her affordable.
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