2011 Fjord 40' Cruiser

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Get it in gear once again! The experience starts when with the first turn of the ignition key. Before you begin to pull out of the marina, you realize you’re experiencing a new class
of motor yachts. The In-board Performance System of the Volvo Penta allows you to elegantly turn out of the marina and majestically raise the Fjord’s bow above the water.
Experiencing a Fjord 40 Cruiser is pure relaxation. Even on-board guests in the cockpit can sense it. The difference lies in a motor yacht’s noise generation – until now yacht architecture
has played an undervalued role when it comes to noise generation. However with the help of a well known German auto manufacturer, the Fjord design has been optimized in wind tunnel
tests to minimize such noise.
The heart of a motor yacht beats below deck. With the Fjord 40 Cruiser the Volvo Penta provides the economical, efficient, powerful and quiet motor yacht core. The technologies
go off without a hitch, combining perfectly on board, in the galley and in the saloon. Oh, and by the way, the Fjord’s motor is the largest among the 12 meter yachts.
The One-Level-Architecture provides previously unheard of living space on board. Just open the sliding doors, tilt back the sofa and see how the cockpit sublimely connects
to the living quarters. Experience the unexpected plethora of space.

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