2011 Tartan 5100

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Tartan's 5100 sports a very long sailing waterline and extremely clean hull form, promising fast passages and broader cruising range for the dedicated performance sailor. Her balanced hull volume ensures a well-mannered yacht that will reward her owner with exhilarating performance. Should your desire be racing to Bermuda, the 5100 will get you there in comfort and ahead of the pack. Tartan's dedication to the most advanced yacht construction allows the design to maximize the performance ratios. Oven-cured, Core-Cell, composite epoxy hull; infused vinylester deck; carbonfiber rudder and post; and carbon spars are a few of the more noteworthy advances that allow the 5100 to deliver both top-end performance and elegant cruising amenities. Builders who stick with antiquated building techniques cannot match the unique combination of speed, strength, and safety that Tartan's technology allows and the Tartan 5100 takes full advantage; a robust SA/Disp ratio of 20.5, Disp/L ratio of 173 and Ballast/Disp ratio of 35 percent. These are race boat numbers. Only those that commit to front-line engineering and construction can achieve them, and still provide the interior luxury of a Tartan.

The 5100 anticipates offshore cruising with limited crew, so the focus is on ease of handling. The rig capitalizes on the high sail area/displacement ratio and utilizes a 105 percent jib which trims to the cockpit primary winches, conveniently located for the helmsman and crew. The powerful mainsail is also trimmed at the helm station providing the short-handed sailor exceptional control. In light air, fit with a Code O furler and reacher, the 5100 will leave lesser boats in her wake. As with all Tartans, the 5100 sports a high-aspect ratio, balanced spade rudder, offering pinpoint control under sail or in challenging docking maneuvers. Each owner of the 5100 can select the keel choice that best fits his sailing needs; keel centerboard for the depth-challenged regions of the world; the Beavertail keel affording maximum righting moment, and excellent all around performance; or for those with no draft restrictions, a deep, bulbed fin.

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