2011 Varianta 44

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I want a boat which is right for me! The Varianta 44. What doesn't exist doesn't exist but this is a must.
I want to race in regattas!ᅠᅠ The Varianta 44 an extremely fast sailing yacht; efficiently adjustable mainsheet traveler, backstay and German cupper system enable optimum mainsail trim. In strong winds the foresail can be reefed so quickly that your opponent will be astounded.

I want family sailing! A safe boat for the all my family and also my friends with their families. The Varianta 44 offers so much space both above and below decks. Forward the children's room and aft the adults relaxation room. ᅠ In the morning everyone can breakfast together because in Varianta 44 there is room for everybody at one table.

I want to sail differently! No problem. There are no limits to the sailing freedom or the design creativity. There is ample room for your ideas. We are excited to see just how your Varianta 44 will set new trends.

The Varianta 44, like the Varianta 18, is an open- class sailing yacht. Yachts for sailors who want to distinguish themselves from sailors who want to distinguish themselves. We do not want pomp and gaudiness without a real purpose. The Varianta 44 affords its owner status when he wants. The Varianta 44 is not different because something was left out, rather because Varianta is made to be different and practical.

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