2015 Varianta 37

EUR  129,834
Norwalk, CT
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A return to Basics Fast & Fun

Singolo / diesel
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Norwalk, CT
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US$ 139,000 (EUR  129,834) 

The VAr 37 (and 44) are based on the previous generation Hanse 375 and 430, the most successful prior generation Hanse models on the racecourse.   These proven Judel Vrolijk designed hulls have a completely new and simpler cabin house, saving several hundred pounds. They also have simplier interiors, saving an additional few hundred pounds. The hulls are solid laminate. The VAr line was developed for use as a sailing school training boat, so they need to be strong, rugged, easy to maintain and fun to sail.


The VAr line appeals both to highly experienced sailors, (we placed 4th in a 15th boat class in the 2016 Newport Bermuda race) and young families with better things to do than maintain a finely varnished interior against young kids armed with crayons and pens! Although many sailors are interested by the low sail away price of $152,400 for the 37 and $198,600 for the 44, most were even more impressed by the construction and performance potential.


VAr represented a breath of fresh air, a return to basics, of the things that make sailing fun.  She has a simple, no frills formica over marine plywood interior, which used to be the norm. Likewise, more experienced sailors love the quality gear like the Selden Mast and Jefa Steering system. But the most important feature to me and many others, besides the fun the sail factor, is the amazingly solid and rugged Hanse Group construction, with 7 transverse bulkheads laminated to the hull in the traditional manner.   So many modern boats have completely done away with tabbing, relying instead on glue joints between the grid and innermolding, which are often impossible to inspect. 


Many reviews have noted the outstanding performance of the VAr line. Yachting World in the September 2014 issue reviewed 3 boats, a VAr 37, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 and a Bavaria Cruiser 37.


"What immediately set the test boats apart was the difference in speed and pointing ability of the Varianta (VAr in the US) particularily against the Bavaria. She smoked the other 2 yachts upwind, despite having a fixed prop - we had to keep luffing up to let the other 2 catch up for the benefit of the photographer."

"The Varianta (VAr) was easily the most rewarding boat to sail, not because she felt like a raceboat, but because she was so well-balanced, so light on the helm and so easy to feel on the wheel."

Die Yacht Magazineweek 23, 2013, Page 21+ did a full test sail of the VAr 37 off the coast of France.

"The winds were 16 to 20 knots from the southeast and built a rather short sea, about a half a meter high. In these conditions the boat remains relatively dry, while making from 6.9 to 7.2 knots and tacking through about 80 degrees when sailed properly. Even more impressive than the sheer data was the feeling of control. On a broad reach the 37 accelerated during the test easily to 8-9 knots and sometimes reached above 10 knots. She is agile in the turns, responsive when healing and tolerates wind gusts easily. Everything was good under way, a boat for sailors."

"And the quality? The quality is very good and is typical of semi-industrial production yacht builders. The imperfections are minimal.   Even areas that are not in full view are properly finished, such as the lazarettes, which are painted on the inside with topcoat. Furthermore, the installations for electrical and water systems are easily accessible and visible and installed to standard."

"Also the boat construction is not cheap.  The hull is solid glass above the waterline unlike on the Hanse 370, but one can live with that.  In the outer laminate vinyl ester resin is used, the deck is still a sandwich and consequently not only lightweight, but also thermally and acoustically well insulated. A floor assembly made from GRP together with the bulkheads laminated to the hull make for a sound ship."


This VAr 37 has been the US Boat Show demo, and benefits from an upgraded interior with varnished walnut backrests and table in the main salon.  Hull sides are lined with battens.  Her main salon upholstery is navy leather.    This VAr 37 has also been race prepped, and managed a podium finish 2016 Newport / Bermuda race.  We were in 1st or 2nd place a day out when our 3/4oz chute exploded.  A 1.5 oz chute had been ordered for the race.  Race sails and offshore gear like the life raft etc would be extra.  

We can also deliver a new VAr 37 for about $150,000 sailaway. 

Martin van Breems

cell - 203 981 3590

work - 203 838 1110

email - dutchman_mvb@hotmail.com

Please contact Martin van Breems at 860.399.8800

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