2016 CR Yachts 410

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The CR 410 is the latest model in the performance cruiser range. The new design gives great sailing performance combined with good stability in all conditions. The CR 410 is designed and built to be able to take its owners anywhere anytime in any condition. The hull and deck are laminated by ourselves in a sandwich construction which makes the boat strong and well isolated. There is a solid stringer construction which runs through the length of the boat, all bulkheads are laminated to the hull and deck on both sides.

The large cockpit with the two steeringwheels makes it easy to move around with all controls concentrated at the helm. The twin steerings combined with the mainsheet track mounted on the coachroof gives an unobstracted passage from the entrance all the way back to the 70×140 cm foldout bathing platform. A cockpittable integrated in the floor makes it easier than ever to prepar for dinner.

There are different interior layouts available with 2 or 3 cabins and many variations in the different cabins. The interior can also be made out of different materials such as mahogany, teak or American white oak.

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