2016 O Yachts Class 6

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Where most shipyards use lamination process* for bulkheads and few elements, at O YACHTS  90% of furnitures (sofa, kitchen, bed, floor, cabinets, walls…) are made of infused panels (not just a sandwich with foam and wood) then our specialists pass hundreds of hours to laminate with both glass and resin those elements to the structure. We do not just "glue" things together with sika or other glue to assemble elements, we assemble with glass and resin, that is much longer but more robust.

Hand lamination benefices :
. stiffness  
. long lasting  
. what is non structural becomes structural
. no noise when walking

Lamination process consist in cutting glass fiber pieces that we will glue with resin to elements. Then we have to sand and most of time do the process twice. Once done, both elements are sealed one to the other. Lamination is the only way to make elements structural, if you just glue, this is not ! So imagin when you just put panels free ... nothing become structural. This is what you have for floors on most catamarans. Floor are removable and not structural. At O Yachts for instance, we laminated and create openings for access ... that is much longer process but so robust !

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