s spent in 2017 for this WELL equipped Precision 21 including a long shaft four stroke Tohatsu 4 hp outboard she would, if built today, would go for around 45.000 to 47,000.00.  And this was without a trailer. \n But to help get the boat SOLD we have ordered and received  a BRAND NEW 2023 GALVANIZED $4,250.00  Precison 21 trailer that is INCLUDED in the advertised pricing.    Not a mile of wear on this trailer at this point - - - she is Brand New. \nRealizing that if this Precision 21 were a 2023 model she would have to sell somewhere in the 49k to 51k range you can have confidence that the price shown is a very good \"Deal\" as our listing price INCLUDES the new trailer ! \nA wonderful sailing boat, reasonable in size but still manageable, yet capable of day sailing with four or five, or capable of being managed by a solo sailor.  Her 600 lbs of fixed ballast with her Keel Centerboard design yields less tippy stiff sailing boat with a flat floor for more foot room below and is a snap for raising the centerboard with out the use of a winch that is typically located down below.  For the Precision 21, the control line for the centerboard is easily hand raised without having to go down below  and does not require 20 turns on the winch to raise the swing keel.  A superior set up and design. At only 34,000.00, you will have the advantage of saving thousands compared to ordering a similar boat from another manufacturer. Given the age the boat of you can likely qualify for 10 to 15 year financing and in many cases charge the interest off as a 2nd home.  The monthly payments would be between as little as 239.00/month and obviously after tax write off, depending upon your bracket the actual out of pocket cost would be potentially under  200.00 per month. As a Precision Dealer for over 20 years we have sold many a Precision and can take care of your needs and questions regarding the lovely Precision 21. \nFor an appointment to view this boat, please contact us by email and phone and let's make this YOUR  PRECISION 21  before someone else finds this 2017, close to new, wonderful Precision 21. \nIT'S YOUR MOVE ! ! !       ","url":"/yacht/2017-precision-21-8627756/","brand":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Precision"},"offers":{"@type":"Offer","availability":"https://schema.org/InStock","priceCurrency":"EUR","price":31729.12,"seller":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Rooke Sails, Inc."},"url":"/yacht/2017-precision-21-8627756/"},"weight":[{"@type":"QuantitativeValue","unitText":"lb","value":1875},{"@type":"QuantitativeValue","unitText":"kg","value":850.49}],"itemCondition":"UsedCondition","productID":8627756}